J.D. Lafrance


J.D. Lafrance was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. He married his wife Suzanne in 2000 and after living in New York City for a year, they moved to the Philadelphia area where they have resided ever since. He is an avid film lover and writes movie reviews in his spare time. J.D. began working for the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania in 2003 as an Administrative Assistant for a year before becoming the Database Manager. After working in that position for a year, he became the Prospect Management and Research Manager for a year before finally seguing into his current position.

As Communications and Administrative Assistant, J.D. serves the Diocese by publishing News from the Diocese, a weekly newsletter, promoting parish events, maintaining the clergy and lay leader database, and managing communications on various social media platforms. In addition, he publishes the Intercessions Prayer Calendar every six months and the annual Convention Journal. J.D. also supports the Canon for Communications in maintaining the Diocesan website and the filming of events.