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Diocese of Pennsylvania Finance Committee

The Finance Committee came into being as a result of a resolution recommended by the Financial Review Committee and adopted at Diocesan Convention in November 2012. Its inaugural meeting took place on December 11, 2012.

In the interest of keeping you informed about our work, a membership list is posted on this part of the diocesan website and minutes of each monthly meeting will be posted when they are approved at the subsequent meeting.

Should you have any questions about the work of the Finance Committee please contact its Chair, Ms. Dana Hall, CFA, M Div. at

Finance Committee Membership

The committee is composed of 13 voting members and three ex-officio non-voting members. Voting members include six persons elected by Convention. Three are clergy and three lay, and each is elected for a three year term.

Finance Committee, 2018

Ms. Dana Hall, CFA, M Div., Chair
The Rev. Michael Rau, Vice Chair

Committee Voting Members

Ex Officio:

The Rt. Rev. Daniel Gutiérrez, Bishop
Mr. James Pope, Diocesan Treasurer

Elected by Convention:

Mr. Philip Anspach
The Rev. Joseph Wolyniak
The Rev. Sarah Hedgis                       (Class of 2019)

Ms. Dana Hall                                    (Class of 2019)
Mr. Kirk Muller                                  (Class of 2020)
The Rev. Matthew Dayton-Welch      (Class of 2020)


Mr. Eric Rabe                                       (By Standing Committee)
The Rev. Michael Rau                         (By Standing Committee)
The Rev. Peter M. Carey                     (By Diocesan Council)
Christopher Hart                                  (By Diocesan Council)

Non-Voting Members:
Doug Horner, Diocese Finance Officer

Douglas Sisk, Wellness Committee
The Rev. Canon Shawn Wamsley, Canon to the Ordinary

Responsibilities of the Finance Committee:

 –  Direct and manage the annual budget process of the Diocese as set forth in Canon 7.3 (Budget Subcommittee):

  • Oversee a unified budget process that incorporates both the Episcopate and Program Budgets.  The budget will be approved annually by Convention. 
  • Exercise the authority to increase or reduce budgeted expenditures in order to respond to changes in expenses or revenue between Conventions, provided any such changes are in keeping with the mission and ministries of the Diocese.  The Finance Committee may reallocate funds among budgeted expenditures with the approval of the Bishop, Standing Committee, and Diocesan Council.

–   With regard to the acquisition, management, and disposition of real property and tangible personal property (Property Subcommittee):

  • Oversee the acquisition and disposition of real and tangible property held in trust for the Diocese with due regard for the roles of the Bishop and Standing Committee as set forth in Canon13.2, and for the role of Church Foundation
  • Oversee the management by Diocesan personnel of real and tangible property held in trust for the Diocese
  • Oversee the process of selling closed churches and make recommendation to Bishop and Standing Committee in regards to their sale.

–       With regard to the management and disposition of investments in financial instruments (Investment Subcommittee):

  • Review and monitor the investment policy established by the Church Foundation for Diocesan investments at least annually
  • Provide input to the investment committee of Church Foundation
  • Review the results for Diocesan investments as reported quarterly by Church Foundation pursuant to Canon 19.3.2

–       With regard to the general financial affairs of the Diocese (full Committee except as noted below):

  • Determine the short and long-term financial goals for the Diocese consistent with its mission and ministries
  • Determine policies for the acceptance, use, and disposition of gifts to the Diocese
  • Determine a policy for and oversee the implementation of a records management policy for the Diocese
  • Identify and develop alternative options for sources of revenue for the Diocese
  • Oversee, with the assistance of reports from the Canon for Finance, the accounting functions of the Diocese, including audit functions (Diocesan Audit Subcommittee)
  • Recommend uses for proceeds from closed parishes, consistent with the mission and ministries of the Diocese, to the Bishop and the Standing Committee in accordance with Canon 13.2
  • Review financial statements and reports of Church Foundation and Diocesan Health and Welfare Benefits Trust/CCCEB at least quarterly

–       With regard to the parochial affairs of the Diocese (Parochial Relations Subcommittee)

  • Assist parishes in conforming with Canons 16 and 17
  • Consider and make recommendations respecting all appeals for funds within the Diocese of Pennsylvania requiring Diocesan approval
  • Assist parishes in achieving their financial obligations to the Diocese
  • Set guidelines for Parochial Reports consistent with The Episcopal Church and assist parishes with submitting their reports
  • Review and compile statistics regarding Parochial Reports
  • Determine requirements for property insurance for parishes and review parish compliance therewith

–       Manage all other financial affairs of the Diocese not assigned to other individuals or bodies by the Canons


Budget Sub Committee: The Rev. Michael Rau, Chair

Investments Sub Committee: Dana Hall, CFA, M Div, MFT, Chair

Property Sub Committee: The Rev. George Master, 2nd, Chair


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