DIOPA Veterans Ministry – Volunteer Opportunities


Any positions/jobs (temporary, for one project, full time, etc.) for veterans, please email Toneh Williams at veterans@diopa.org and they will be posted here. All submission for jobs should include job title, duty, full-time/part-time, one-time project, description of job, and contact information.


No Veteran Dies Alone Program

The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania is honored to partner with the Corporal Michael J. Crescenz V.A. Medical Center in their No Vet Dies Alone Program. This project offers an opportunity for clergy willing to sit with veterans in the palliative care/hospice units at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center.

This unique program is designed to assist Veterans and their families as a loved one is nearing the next stage of their life. Volunteers are there for Veterans when family and friends are not able to be present. If you can make that commitment, this is an opportunity for you.

If you are interested in supporting veterans in that liminal space, please complete the required volunteer forms and email to veterans@diopa.org.

VAVS Recruitment Brochure

Request for Personal Identity Verification Card Application

Agreement for Application

Adult College Volunteer Application

Application for Voluntary Service

No Veteran Dies Alone flyer


If you knit or crochet this is for you! “Healing Stitches” provides handmade crocheted or knitted afghans and throw blankets to homeless veterans and veterans in need.  It’s a reminded that stitches knit with healing intentions really do blanket the recipient with your love and care!  Whether your parish starts a Healing Stitches group, or your parish has a knitting ministry or you have those that would like to work solo…..all donations are welcome.  In terms or color and type to make the majority of recipients are male veterans but we will have a few organizations who cater to female veterans as well.  Contact Toneh Williams at veterans@diopa.org for more information or to schedule a pick up.

Chaplain Opportunities – Are you retired clergy or know someone who is?  We need chaplains who can make regular visits to residential facilities, shelters and organizations that serve veterans.  If you can assist please contact Toneh Williams at veterans@diopa.org.

Prayer Requests-God hears all prayers and says where two or three gathered in His name, He is with us. We welcome all prayers requests no matter how large or small.  If you’re a veteran, a family of a veteran, or know of a veteran in need, make a request with as much information as you are comfortable giving. It will be passed to prayer groups who will offer prayers on your behalf.

Make Prayer Cards!  We are in need of prayer cards to share with veterans that we see.  Cards can be actual cards that you purchase, or 3×5 cards that you inscribe.  Share your favorite prayer, or write a note of thanks that includes your own prayer.  God works through us all to send love where it is most needed.  You never know how your words can touch the life of someone you don’t even know.  This is a perfect creative project for Intergenerational events, Youth Groups, Sunday school classes, scouts or any individual so inclined!