DIOPA Veterans Ministry – Conference of Healing/Interactions with Veterans



Chaplain Service hosted its 2nd Community Clergy Outreach program on March 21, 2017 at Philadelphia VA Medical Center. This gathering included priests and laypersons of The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania.

The goal was to better equip clergy with knowledge about our Veterans, as well as to provide information about VA resources. If clergy in the community are better informed about the challenges Veterans face they could provide more intentional spiritual and emotional support. And, a deeper awareness of our services would encourage clergy to refer veterans in their congregations to the VA.

The 45 participants learned about the hidden wounds and moral conflict experienced by many Veterans, as well as the clinical constructs of “PTSD” and “moral injury.” An abbreviated Service of Reconciliation for Civilians and Veterans was offered in the chapel to give clergy ideas to take back to their religious communities. An overall picture of VA resources was given – very well represented by the dedicated staff that run our diverse programs.

The event was a great success! Thank you to all who participated and supported this program.

Photo Credit: Chuck Maxwell