Diocesan Convention Election Results

Standing Committee – Lay (1): George Vosburgh
Standing Committee – Clergy (2): The Rev. Liz Colton, The Rev. Sean Mullen
Finance Committee – Lay (1): John Loftus
Finance Committee – Clergy (1): The Rev. George Masters
Church Foundation – Lay (4): Elise Bowers, James Mack, Norman McClave, J. Barton Riley
Church Foundation – Clergy (1): The Rev. Jill McNish
Nominations Committee – Lay (2): Jane Cosby, Lionel Broome
Nominations Committee – Clergy (2): The Rev. Nancy Dilliplane, The Rev. Betsy Ivey
CCCEB – Lay (1): John Gillespie
CCCEB – Clergy (1): The Rev. Naz Javier
Diocesan Disciplinary Board – Lay (3): Lionel Broome, John Nee, Susan Stuber
Diocesan Disciplinary Board – Clergy (2): The Rev. Pamela Nesbit, The Rev. Lynn Hade
Provincial Synod – Lay (2): Christopher Hart, Liz Wendt
Provincial Synod – Clergy (1): The Rev. Pam Nesbit
Christmas Fund Treasurer (1): Kay Johnson