Victims Displaced by Violence in Central America



This video is a recorded talk from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Chestnut Hill, given by Noah Bullock, Executive Director of Cristosal


Today 1 in every 113 people globally is now either an asylum-seeker, internally displaced or a refugee – a level of risk that surpasses all precedent, including World War II. While global attention has gone to the largest war zones – Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan – the deadliest region in the world is far closer to home. Last year there were 17,500 violent deaths in Central America’s Northern Triangle (NTCA) – El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and an estimated 1 million people displaced by violence in the NTCA and Southern Mexico in 2015. There is now an urgent need to not only offer protection to those fleeing this violence, but to upgrade existing humanitarian and human rights mechanisms to address these new forms of conflict (


As part of the Diocese of Pennsylvania Outreach ministry, the Central American Migrant and Refugee Commission was glad to have hosted a live presentation by Noah Bullock. Mr. Bullock is the Executive Director of Cristosal, an Episcopal human rights organization based in El Salvador, leading regional efforts to protect and advocate for victims forcibly displaced by violence in Central America. In 2016, Noah presented at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey and at the NGO consultations with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva.


Watch the video and hear from a regional expert about what is driving violence and migration in Central America in 2017, and what we and the Church can do to make a difference.