Convention 2017 – Reports


Reports submitted:

Central American Refugee Commission

Diocesan Commission on Global Mission

Episcopal Church Women Steering Committee

Nominations Committee


All committees, commissions, boards and groups of the Diocese are invited to submit a report of their activities since the last Convention, which will be posted on the Convention website. Reports should be submitted by October 20, to ensure their being posted on the diocesan website prior to the November 4th Convention. Reports submitted after this date but before December 1st will be included in the Convention Journal.

Please submit your report in Microsoft Word if at all possible. Suggested reports should include the work of your group since the last Convention as well as:

I. A list of committee members
II. Goals of the committee since the last convention
III. An explanation of work the committee has done to achieve those goals
IV. Future goals
V. Pertinent budget information
VI. Contact information for the person(s) submitting the report

Reports may be emailed to