The Commission on Clergy Compensation and Employee Benefits is a Diocesan body which is tasked with selecting benefit, monitoring clergy salaries, and managing the Clergy Financial Assistance fund.


From the Canons of the Diocese of Pennsylvania

SEC 4.5 The Commission on Clergy Compensation and Employee Benefits
4.5.1 There shall be a Commission of the Diocese to be known as “The Commissionon Clergy Compensation and Employee Benefits, ”consisting of the Bishop, ex officio, who shall be the Chairperson, and twelve other members, six clergy and six lay, all of whom shall serve three-year terms staggered so that two lay members and two clergy are elected each year. One lay member and one clergy member shall be elected by the Convention and one lay member and one clergy member shall be elected by Diocesan Council. The Commission shall have power to fill vacancies among the members elected by Convention until the next Stated Convention, and
the Diocesan Council may fill vacancies among the members elected by it. Any member shall be eligible for reelection, but except for having been chosen to fill a vacancy and to serve out the unexpired term of another, no person shall serve for more than two full terms consecutively.
4.5.2 The Commission shall administer the Clergy Financial Assistance Assessment, as provided in Canon 7.5. It shall also act as the Church Pension Fund Committee of the Diocese, as provided for in Canon 7.6. It shall make an annual report of its work to the Convention. In addition, it shall have the duty and authority to study, investigate and make recommendations to the Convention, Diocesan Council, or any parish concerning all matters relating to compensation for the clergy in the employ of the Diocese, its parishes or its missions. No such recommendation shall be made to the Convention unless the same shall have been submitted to the Diocesan Council for its information no later than the first day of the fourth month prior to the month in which such Convention shall occur; provided that Diocesan Council may waive the fore going requirement.
4.5.3 The lay members of the Commission shall confer with the vestries and advisory committees of parishes and missions which are paying less than the minimum compensation, with the purpose of stimulating increased payments.
4.5.4 The Commission may also receive from the warden of a parish, aided parish, mission, or boards of directors of diocesan corporations, with the written consent of the clergy whose compensation is involved, appeals for permission in exceptional circumstances to pay its clergy less than the total minimum compensation established by Convention. The Commission may adopt such reasonable appeal procedures as it deems necessary and appropriate. If permission is granted, the provisions of Canon 7.5 with respect to minimum compensation of clergy shall not apply to such parish or unit of the Church for the duration of the period of time for which such permission was given. When such permission has been granted by the Commission, written notice of the reasons and terms of the permission shall be given to the Bishop for approval. The decision of the Commission when so endorsed by the Bishop, shall be binding upon the Diocesan Council, the Commission, and the unit of the Church which made the application.
4.5.5 The Commission shall provide a report of its activities to the Finance Committee at least once every three months.



Members of the Commission

The Rt. Rev. Daniel G.P. Gutierrez, Chair
Mr. Douglas Sisk, Vice-Chair
The Rev. Naz Javier, Benefits Subcommittee Chair
Mr. Marc Andonian, Salary Monitoring Subcommittee Chair
Ms. Loretha Badger, Loans and Grants Chair
The Rev. Anne Thatcher, Secretary
The Rev. Ed Shiley
The Rev. Rodger Broadley
The Rev. Tim Safford, Treasurer
Mrs. Margaret Ullman
Mr. John Gillespie
Mr. Carl Sheppard