City Camp 2018


June 25 to August 10, 2018

Who would like a One-week Vacation Bible School?


This year we are expanding City Camp to serve one-week Vacation Bible Schools in all communities of the Diocese.  If your parish wants to offer Vacation Bible School and you need staff and programming, or just staff, we are able to serve your parish and community. Please reserve your week as soon as possible. Contact us here.

City Camp will continue to be a summer day camp program for parishes located in the under-resourced communities in the Diocese. In 2017 there were three multi-week camps located at parishes in under-resourced sections of the city: Camp St. Simon in South Philly, Camp St. Gabriel’s in Feltonville and Camp St. Luke’s in East Germantown.   We are excited that St. Mary’s in Chester is expanding to a two-week camp in 2018.

Some City Camp/VBS Basics:


  • $3000 per week, includes curriculum trained staff of Site Director and 5 counselors. Does not include cost of meals, field trips or Arts programming
  • Recommended Payment Structure for 40 children is $75 per week per child. Churches can reduce cost per child to $50 per week by contributing $25 per child per week through parish donations and/or fund-raising


  • If a church is located in an area where most children are eligible for the Free Lunch Program, the church can apply for subsidized meals. (Please see the website for Child Nutrition Programs
  • Cost of non-subsidized meals (lunch and snack, minimum) is incurred by a church

If your parish is able to sponsor a week of City Camp or Vacation Bible School, please email us at