Bishop Search Profile Released by the Diocese of Pennsylvania



The Diocese of Pennsylvania has released their Bishop Search Profile as a part of calling a new Bishop Diocesan. The profile has been released as a live website.This site includes information about the Diocese of Pennsylvania, details about the nomination procedure (including online forms to submit a name), and of course a profile describing the characteristics of the bishop we seek. 

The diocese will receive names for consideration through September 30, 2015.

The profile’s full link is here:

In early 2015, Bishop Clifton Daniel, 3rd called for the election of a new bishop to serve in the Diocese of Pennsylvania. In March 2015, the Standing Committee appointed two committees to take on the responsibilities for coordinating the multiple tasks needed for the diocese to elect and welcome our next Bishop Diocesan. These two committees are the  Search/Nominating Committee and the Electing/Transition Committee.The Search/Nominating Committee has been working on the Bishop Search Profile since March.

The committee hosted numerous Holy Conversations across the diocese, where diocesan members came together to provide insights and input around the profile. They also distributed a diocesan-wide survey and consulted previous resources, including extensive surveys and individual narratives from the Diocese of Pennsylvania’s “Re-Membering Community: Sharing Our Stories.” You can learn more about the committee’s discernment and writing process in the Bishop Search Profile.