Adding Events to the Diocesan Calendar

Starting in 2018, Diocesan office policy is that all activities requesting Diocesan participation get approval of the dates. This is to help everyone by not scheduling overlapping events at the same time with the same audience. Here is an explanation of the procedures that will be used.

Procedures for adding events to the Diocesan Calendar

  1. Requests to be placed on the Diocesan Calendar shall come from either diocesan ministries or diocesan sponsored events. Deanery and Parish events should be requested to be placed on the Deanery or Parish calendars.
  2. Send to the Assistant for Operations the request via the online questionnaire.
  3. The Assistant for Operations will coordinate with the Executive Assistant to either confirm that a date requested has no serious conflicts; or to recommend dates to be considered.
    1. Diocesan events should not conflict with each other (IE there should not be two events with overlapping audience on the same day). Only one event will be approved to happen at a given time.
  4. When an appropriate date is found it will be sent back to the person requesting to make sure that it works for their schedule.
  5. Once a suggested date is found, it will be sent to the Canon to the Ordinary for approval.
  6. The Canon, in consultation with the Bishop (if the Bishop’s presence is requested), will approve, not approve, or ask for a reschedule on the event.
    1. If not approved, the requesting party will be notified.
    2. If it is asked to be rescheduled, the process will go back to step 2 and continue forward from there.
  7. If approved, the Assistant for Operations will place it on the internal calendar, notify the person who requested the event, schedule a planning/discussion meeting 10-12 weeks before the event, and ask the Assistant for Communications to post it on the external diocesan calendar.
  8. 10-12 weeks before the event: The Canon to the Ordinary, the Assistant for Operations, and the requesting group will meet to discuss preliminary planning for the event. This includes the communications schedule, responsibilities, etc.

Please submit the request here: If you have any questions or problems with the forms, please contact Jeremiah Mustered at