2016 Convention Results


Here are the results from the 233rd Diocesan Convention:

Election Results:

The Standing Committee (1 Clergy; 1 Lay)
The Rev. Kirk Berlenbach

Mr. Eric Rabe

Commission on Clergy Compensation and Employee Benefits (1 Clergy; 1 Lay)
Dr. Marc Andonian

Diocesan Disciplinary Board (3 Clergy; 2 Lay)
The Rev. Dr. Nancy Dilliplane
The Rev. Rick Vinson
The Rev. Timothy Safford

Mr. Richard Fitzgerald
Ms. Alfeia DeVaugh Goodwin

Finance Committee (1 Clergy; 1 Lay)
The Rev. Adam Kradel

Ms. Dana Hall

Church Foundation Board (1 Clergy; 4 Lay)
The Rev. Ed Shiley

Ms. Alfeia DeVaugh Goodwin
Ms. Loretha Badger
Mrs. Roberta Torian
Mr. Clifford Kozemchak

General Convention (4 Clergy; 4 Lay)
The Rev. Kirk Berlenbach
The Rev. Kathryn Andonian
The Rev. Hillary Raining
The Rev. Koshy Mathews

Mr. Christopher Hart
Ms. Liz Wendt
Mr. George Vosburgh
Ms. Karen Lash

Christmas Fund (4 Lay)
Ms. Anne Atlee
Mrs. Janet Ross
Mrs. Shirley Morris
Ms. Nancy Iredale

Nominations Committee (2 Clergy; 2 Lay)
The Rev. Amanda Eiman
The Rev. Jeff Moretzsohn

Ms. Marcia Hinton
Ms. Betty Berry-Holmes

Resolutions before the 233rd Convention

Clergy Financial Assistance Assessment (RA-2017) – PASSED

Clergy Compensation Resolution (RB 2017) – PASSED

Companion Diocese Resolution – PASSED

Widow’s Corporation Anniversary Resolution – PASSED

Proposed Budget – PASSED